Внукът на Толкин по неговите стъпки

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Внукът на Толкин по неговите стъпки

Писане by Averroes on Пон Апр 26 2010, 11:45

Един материал,свързан със Саймън Толкин, внукът на великия Толкин.

J.R.R. Tolkien's Grandson: In My Grandfather's Footsteps

'Writers write' as the old saying goes, but I didn't, at least not any fiction, until I got to the ripe old age of forty and decided on millennium night to try and write a novel. I think now, looking back, that I'd put up this block in my mind because anything I tried was always going to be dwarfed by The Lord of the Rings. My father had devoted himself since my grandfather's death in 1973 to editing his father's unpublished writings and I grew up knowing that my grandfather was a creative genius, the founder of modern fantasy, who spoke innumerable languages and knew the answers to all important questions. Who was I to try to step out of his shadow?

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Re: Внукът на Толкин по неговите стъпки

Писане by Aelys on Вто Апр 27 2010, 05:55

... there are no hobbits or elves anywhere in sight. It's certainly not the kind of book my grandfather would have read... Razz

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